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But for those of you who want to know what’s going on here at Decision Point Games (other than, well… very little), this blog is the blog you need to read.

There’s actually a lot to do here at Decision Point Games. In addition to all the official business stuff, there’s a web site to develop, a blog to write, video to edit, cut and post. And there’s even some games to make.

But with all of these things vying for time, I’ve been focused primarily on making the game, Island Survival. It’s a great game. It’s been fun to develop, and it will be fun to play. But for the sake of brevity, I’ll cover the game in a seperate category.

For now, I just want to tell you what this is all about. This is a game development blog. A place to share my thoughts on game development. A place to inform the players of the design decisions that are being made.

One thing that I’ve found in the games that I enjoy, is the presence of the developers. Some developers actively communicate with their gaming community. From a player’s perspective, it’s nice to know the developers have that commitment. Those developers take note of what their players have to say. They keep the players up-to-date with the latest developments. And it’s that communication that creates a better experience for all.

I think it’s important to keep the community informed.  And with this blog, I’ll be able to do just that.


Charles Kiptin



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