Ludum Dare 37 — Post 3

Progress So Far
The map is taking shape. In addition to the AI and wall detection, I’ve added doors, a console, and a circuit that connects doors to the console. Doors on the circuit can be opened remotely from the console, the others require a character present.

I’m in that uncertain area where it seems as though there is plenty of time, but the progress is slow. I hope to finish, but there are quite a few things to add.

Still To Do
1. Door power timers (maybe)
2. Door/Circuit/Console connection
3. Baddie Aggression/Targeting
4. Baddie/Door positioning
5. Character actions
6. Combat (guns, explosions, melee)
7. Circuit damage
8. Victory/Loss condition
9. Difficulty settings (timer, population, aggression, etc.)
10. Music/Sound FX

That’s quite a list, and I’m sure there’s more. So, back to work.


Ludum Dare 37 — Post 2

Progress has been made on the level design. The first map has been laid out and the baddies are in place. The baddies’ movement has been programmed to randomize their activity in ‘Passive Mode’. In this state, the baddies simply mill about aimlessly until they are alerted to the presence of intruders. Wall detection is also in place, so that the baddies don’t walk through the walls.

Next up is adding doors to the rooms, the baddies ‘alert system’, and targeted movement of the baddies.

Ludum Dare 37 — Entry 1


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about Ludum Dare. This weekend is the LD37 game jam. I’ll be participating, but can’t fully commit to the entire 48 hours. The theme for this jam is ‘One Room’.

I’m using this jam as an opportunity to prototype a game-idea that I’ve had for a while. Hopefully it will go well. The game concept is that a derelict space station has been overrun by a horde of mindless baddies and you must keep one room secure while the crew explores the structure to discover the mystery of the staton’s fate.

I’m already working on art assets, as simple as they may be. That’s all for now.