Dec 112016

Progress So Far
The map is taking shape. In addition to the AI and wall detection, I’ve added doors, a console, and a circuit that connects doors to the console. Doors on the circuit can be opened remotely from the console, the others require a character present.

I’m in that uncertain area where it seems as though there is plenty of time, but the progress is slow. I hope to finish, but there are quite a few things to add.

Still To Do
1. Door power timers (maybe)
2. Door/Circuit/Console connection
3. Baddie Aggression/Targeting
4. Baddie/Door positioning
5. Character actions
6. Combat (guns, explosions, melee)
7. Circuit damage
8. Victory/Loss condition
9. Difficulty settings (timer, population, aggression, etc.)
10. Music/Sound FX

That’s quite a list, and I’m sure there’s more. So, back to work.


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