Aug 252014

The Ludum Dare 30 Game Jam is about 30 minutes past the submission deadline. I made an effort, but didn’t complete on time.

I do have the makings of a nice little game. A lot of the game’s intended depth and variety was simplified or removed for brevity. It should still be fun to play though.

The current state:


It’s starting to look good. But there’s a lot of numbers to deal with. It’s a bit of a ‘spreadsheet-game’. But that’s how these in-depth strategy games usually are — they tend to have a lot of numbers to crunch.

There are really only four or five issues to complete:
1. Moving units (Forces/Spies/Envoys)
2. Resolving conflicts
3. Organizing unit displays
4. Game balancing (in the above image, all numbers are identical)
5. Difficulty settings (optional)

I’ll keep working and I’ll have it done soon.

Charles Kiptin
A day late, a buck short.

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