Aug 232014


The Ludum Dare 30 Game Competition is currently in progress. The theme for this LD is ‘Connected Worlds’.

I’m eight hours into the 48-hour game compo and so far, it’s going well. I’m building a science fiction strategy game. I won’t label it a 4X game, as there isn’t much exploration or even expansion. Maybe it’s a 2X game? If that’s the case, the player’s task is to simply exploit and exterminate.

The Trade Relations code has come together quite nicely. I had thought that this part of the game would be the most difficult to program. It’s just a lot of code, really. And instead of maintaining many-to-many relationships, this small game will have only one-to-many relationships. That is, the enemy/neutral factions will only interact with the player, and not each other.

I put together a quick prototype of the player’s trade screen:

ld_pic_4Ludum Dare 30 — You are cordially invited to correct your trade deficit!

So this competition is going to keep me awake and programming all weekend. It should be fun though. Everything in the game is original and it’s all created during the 48 hour time frame. The game is an idea that I have been considering, but haven’t had the time for. So this is an opportunity to test those ideas.

Charles Kiptin
Game Jammer

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